REMODELING: Cost Variances for Room Additions

Is it time to expand your home to your desired comfort?

When people are considering remodeling or doing a room addition, they are always one important question on their mind. How much do room additions cost? Research is one way to get an idea which involves making a wish list and busting out that room addition cost calculator. Also consider the idea of consulting a local remodeling contractor for home addition estimates.

In the initial meeting, there is a common question about the price of a project for your home, whether it is a kitchen or bathroom remodel or an addition.

Room addition costs are typically specified in dollars per square foot to provide a rough estimate. Those cost estimates are commonly 30-50% higher than a new home cost per square foot. This is due to the fact that a room addition is more complicated to build. First it has to be constructed. Second, it needs to tie into the existing home in a structurally and aesthetically correct way. The entire process takes time and money both in the design and construction of the room addition. In the Central Ohio area, whether your home is located in Bexley, Powell, Upper Arlington or Pickerington, the overall process is estimated the same.

Initial cost will run anywhere from $125.00 up to $150.00 per square foot with the size and design being the variable. This cost also will vary with market demands for building material and labor as well as where you live. These are factors that you have no control over. In Central Ohio, we have had kitchen and family room addition cost be in the $200.00 per square foot range. The bases for the difference in square foot price has many variables, being existing home structure and design for tying in the new addition, complexity of the roof design, what the exterior of the existing home is made of and finally what the interior of the addition will have in it. We also have had customers decrease the size of the addition to bring the price down but when the addition is so small, there is a point of no return for decreasing the price.

It takes a certain amount of effort to start and run a project and also to meet minimums for subcontractors and suppliers.

The plus for small additions is to increase its size will have a very small effect on the price. Typically, we refer to a small size being 150 sq feet or less with these being in the $200.00 per square foot price range. The $125.00 to $150.00 dollar price range usually works in the 300 square foot and above in size. The price also increases with the square footage price with the adding of exterior projects such as porches, decks and landscaping packages. This of course does not add to the square footage however it will inflate price very quickly. This pricing does not include any bathrooms or kitchens in it as that will be its own project with separate pricing.

Because prices can range for each company submitting a bid, it’s important that you study the estimate proposal. Make sure there is a comprehensive construction bid that includes a checklist of all the tasks to be performed, the material to be used, and a detailed schedule of when the work will be performed. It is also important to check out any of the bidding companies through BBB, Angies List, National Association of Remodeling (NARI) and or the Building Industry Association (BIA). This will help you determine a builder that is in good standing within the industry and this simple step would stop most of consumers being deceived.

At NJW Construction we like to meet with our customers and review their project and make any economic design suggestions that we see as well as review our process.

We started offering 3-d renderings of projects a couple of years ago and this has helped with customer satisfaction at the end of the project (please note our testimonials) as well as tie in the economical design changes.

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